What You Need to Know About Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime movies are a great source of entertainment. Sadly, when it comes to real life,
witnessing a crime scene is quite a traumatic experience. It could send someone straight into a shock, cause a panic attack, or lead to more serious health problems. At that time, cleaning up the area would be the last thing on someone’s mind, especially if the victim was a loved one. Yet, prompt and adequate crime scene cleaning is crucial. Here is what you need to do about the service.

It requires special training and qualifications

The crime scene cleaning industry is not regulated in the UK, however, to perform the service, cleaning companies must obtain authorisation. Professional crime scene cleaners are required to wear a special PPE and use particular cleaning products and tools. They undergo an extensive, highly specialised training, which involves handling biohazards, safe decontamination and effective cleaning techniques. Some of the teaching modules involve more theory, but practice is vital to learn how to operate a hand fogging or a sanitiser machine.

Fast response is essential

Time is always of the essence when it comes to crime scenes. Although it may not seem as a priority to some people, professional cleaning of the contaminated area as soon as possible is very important. Especially if the incident happened in a public space, accessible by different age groups. Seeing a dead body or any remains of it could be detrimental to the mental health of both children and adults. Ideally, a professional crime scene cleaning team should arrive right after the forensic officers are done recording and collecting evidence.

It involves health hazards

Clearing the area where a murder or suicide was committed carries significant health risks, hence why cleaners must wear protective equipment and have the appropriate skills and knowledge. Most hazards come from handling blood, bodily fluids and human tissue, as well as sharp objects that need to be removed safely. The work hours are unspecified and a cleaning team could be called to the crime scene at any time during the day or night.

Not everyone can do the job

This is clearly not a job for the faint-hearted. The sights cleaners witness are far from pleasant and often can be deeply upsetting. Before a person becomes qualified to work in the industry, they undergo rigorous background checks. They must also possess certain personal qualities like compassion, being discrete and respectful. Pursuing a career as a crime scene cleaner can truly take its toll on someone’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Why crime scene cleaning is important

Professional crime scene cleaning is crucial for the protection of public health. Timely removal of biohazards is the most obvious reason why the service is so important. However, forensics cleaners also help grieving families cope with the tragic loss of a loved one as a result of a violent crime or suicide at their home.
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