Specialist Extreme Cleaning Services for Customers in Bath and the South West

We are here to clean up the difficult situations that happen every day. We treat every situation we face as if it is our own. We’re professional, effective, thorough, discrete and reliable.

You really can rely on us and have complete confidence in our services Bath Specialist Cleaning Solutions are fully accredited, ensuring that our clients are provided with the solutions that they need for their specialist cleaning needs. We support an multitude of private and public sector organisations and businesses.

Accidents, deaths, crimes & needle removal are not always possible to contain or avoid these things but we are here to clean things up, professionally.

Infection and disease can spread if contaminated areas are not cleaned, disinfected and made completely safe. We make certain that situations are contained, cleaned and left fit for use afterwards.

We are professional, qualified and available 24/7 across the vast majority of Bath and the South West. Our cleaning team are professionals and have many years’ experience in dealing with Trauma Cleaning, Extreme Cleaning and Bio Hazard Cleaning.  We specialise in decontamination and sanitisation and make certain that further damage is minimised.

We service commercial and domestic clients and are discrete and professional.

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Our staff are professionally trained and experienced in delivering safe and effective services to safely clean all hazardous situations.

Our team are available 24/7 to provide a fast response with minimum disruption.

Our services include:

  • Trauma Cleaning
  • Bodily Fluid Clean Ups
  • Mental Health Crisis Clean Up
  • Hoarding Services
  • Needle Sweeps and Drug Den Clean Up
  • Void Properties and Squats
  • Unattended Death
  • Clean Ups Following a Death
  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Mould and Mildew
  • Toxic Odour Clean Ups
  • Fire and Soot Damage

Mould Cleaning

Bath Specialist Cleaning Solutions have vast knowledge and experience in dealing with mould related issues, from fungal growth to a bedroom wall, to a commercial property severely affected, we can help you.


Mould is commonly underestimated when it comes to health risks. Many people are unaware that mould growth, caused from a build up of microbial fungi, can cause severe damage to the respiratory regions of the human body. The damage caused from mould can be spread via either touch or inhaling from even the smallest amount of mould.

Possible health issues arising from mould include:


  • Headaches
  • Allergic reactions
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Red eyes
  • Skin rash
  • Asthma attacks

Those who are most at risk of developing health risks associated to mould include weakened immune individuals, the elderly, infants, those going through pregnancy and those with underlying health complications.

It is also important to remember that not all mould is visible and therefore the spore count could be severely higher than anticipated. As a result, a small patch of mould throughout a home can often get ignored when it should be treated ideally as soon as possible.

We strongly recommend using a professional mould removal company as if you are not careful, you may mistakenly spread the mould further across the surface area, endanger yourself by not wearing the correct PPE and not resolve the underlying issues of the mould causing re-growth.


Please seek medical advice if you are concerned about the effects of mould.



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Crime Scene Cleaning

Bath Specialist Cleaning Solutions is a professional service, with highly trained and experienced technicians. Any standard cleaning service should not be allocated this type of task, as they will not have the knowledge nor the equipment to undertake such an important job. 

The majority of people do not realise the stress and aftermath that comes after a severe incident has occurred. The cleanup service of restoring an area to its previous natural state requires the utmost professionalism from beginning to end. 

Our London crime scene cleaners are fully trained and are always on standby to provide a total refurbishment of a hazardous area. To hold the prestige of cleaning in this manner (which is undoubtedly vital to keep to the highest standard), it is crucial to have a professional team to come in and do the service for you.



Sharps Pick-ups

At Bath Specialist Cleaning Solutions our staff are professionally trained to safely remove sharps from an area and ensure that the risk of infection is eliminated.

Drug takers often leave behind an array of needles, syringes and other hazardous objects that present a real health hazard from highly infectious pathogens such as Hepatitis and HIV which can cause serious and even fatal health problems.


Sharps disposal must be carried out with the greatest of care, and all sharps must be disposed of safely and legally. As a licensed waste carrier we offer a comprehensive sharps disposal service to include sharps bin disposal and syringe and needle clearance. When it comes to sharps disposal, the task really is best left to the experts. Don’t take the risk, call Bath Specialist Cleaning Solutions today for a first class sharps removal service.




care homes. Infectious diseases and viruses can pose serious threats to the health and well being of staff, customers, residents and members of the public, and can be spread via a multitude of methods.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene offers a range of disinfection services to help minimise the risk of infection and to assist with the control and containment of outbreaks. Available 24/7, we provide a fast response and full South West coverage.

Our infection control team can carry out a specialist disinfection service to help with infection control and prevention in your premises. Our service can help you to maintain a high level of hygiene to help protect against microbial infection.

Our experienced technicians are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and specialist disinfection equipment to carry out our infection control service safely and effectively. 

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) disinfection fogging allows for the treatment of large areas quickly and efficiently. It involves using extremely small droplets of the disinfectant fog that settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas. Studies show the application of disinfectant by aerosol significantly reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens, treating the surface and the air, killing these pathogens.

Our services include:

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Our specialist extreme cleaning services ensure your property is clean and safe.